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Recently a dear friend and DramaShare contributor was going through a downtime, a time of which most in ministry can relate. This is the email I sent to that person, I th….

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Exploring Jesus' Grandmother. My Account Members Entrance Sitemap. The patient does not react the way the doctor anticipates. Peter and Matthew are in a counseling session trying to determine who really is the greatest.

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Then Jesus reminds them that it's the servant of all who is the greatest. In this fun, modern twist on a classic story, Ella hates her life and the way her stepsisters boss her around. A visit from her fairly good godmother gives her just what she needs to make things better. In this puppet play for kids, Willie, Joey, and Betsy talk excitedly about what they're doing for their dads on Father's Day.

Betsy reminds the boys what the Bible says about fathers and offers encouragement that the Heavenly Father is also there for them. As a TSA agent searches their luggage, he finds a husband and wife's real-life baggage: unresolved conflict, half-truths, assumptions, and more. This skit is a perfect intro for a marriage message or retreat.

An inexperienced marathon runner receives advice from a more experienced runner on running the race set before them. He finds that the secret is running with endurance and keeping your eyes on the finish line. This skit reminds kids of God's love and their identity as His child. Boxbob learns in Sunday school that he is wonderfully made by God. She explains that to be wonderful, he actually has to do wonderful things. Drama for the Soul. We are a small group of Christians with a strong desire to use our talents to spread the name of Jesus Christ in our world.

This ministry is aimed at the youth of today.

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In reaching our youth, we believe the use of drama, combined with music, testimony and other forms of media, are powerful tools that God has blessed us with. Nailscars Drama One of the remarkable things about the gospel is the way that it can be so easily transferred into pictures. Sure words tell about the truths of God, but when people can see it acted out in front of them it connects in ways that words never can. In today's world where it seems like attention spans are getting shorter by the minute, there is no better way to relate a powerful and effective message to a congregation than to present a skit.

New Life Drama Co.

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New Life is an active group of Christians from the Boston area who are committed to theater that is, in the words of Nigel Goodwin, 'thoroughly Christian' and 'thoroughly professional'. We publish a quarterly newsletter and are presently touring with a full length Broadway style musical, "Celestial City: The Story of John Bunyan and his Pilgrim's Progress.

Having had experience in both acting and directing professional theater, he used this ability to write short, powerful skits based upon Biblical principles NoEclipse. No charge to book us.

Features SkitMissions, a free script book of some of our scripts. Orion's Gate Orion's Gate, Ltd. Hey, they said it not me!! Silent Witness Mime Team Free online videos scripts. Traveling drama team. Drawing on her experience growing up in rural Arkansas and as an Army wife and mother winner of the Alabama Mother of the Year award in , Jewell designed these plays for church and drama groups who want to present the timeless truths of Christ's birth and resurrection. The plays were performed from the 's to the 's at Fort Rucker, Alabama near Enterprise.

The plays are usually in a "play within a play" format; the sub-play, which takes place during Jesus' ministry, illustrates and dramatizes the story being told in the main play. Some plays include music, either from standard hymnbooks, or that she herself wrote. All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version.

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Stick Horses in Pants -- Comedy with a Kick! Taproot Theater Company.

TTC's approach to theatre is based on a pursuit of artistic excellence guided by a belief in the integrity of values rooted in the historic Judeo Christian worldview. TTC productions reflect a respect for people, a belief in the virtues of faith and hope, and the challenge of living fulfilled lives in a fragmented, technological age.

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What makes this film festival so unique is firstly that it is the first International Christian Film festival to be held in South Africa. Worship Drama And Dance This is a collection currently very small of plays and skits which you are welcome to use in any activity which glorifies God and seeks to share His message with others. Please feel free to print, copy, perform, display, etc. Writes For the King Writes for the King has several dinner theatre scripts, helpful links and now, the first ever, a book on human video.