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Both amateurs and professionals will find a trail lined with breathtaking views and plenty of places to stop and enjoy a coffee. If waterparks are not your thing, what about one of these killer Istrian beaches? After exploring Istria, the next logical destination to go to is Zadar. Find out how to get from Pula to Zadar or the other way around in this post. While Dalmatia and Istria get flooded with summer tourists, Slavonia remains virtually untouched by mass tourism. Slavonia is another foodie heaven waiting to be enjoyed!

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Granted, the Dalmatian Coast is all but a ghost town, and the Adriatic Sea is freezing cold, but you have skiing, spas and many festivals to keep you busy. Or, consider coming in the spring when temperatures warm up, and check out all the Easter traditions Croatia has to offer. There are numerous options for where to sleep while on your vacation in Croatia. There are an abundance of hotels, motels, camping grounds and apartments.

We keep updating our guides with the best ones here. You can find foreign currency exchange centers throughout all cities and towns. Currency exchange is also provided in banks and some post offices, as well as some tourist agencies. Are there any other top things to do in Croatia that you loved that we missed off this list? Are there any key places of interest in Croatia that we need to add on? Let us know. Croatia is a great city, and spending a holiday in croatia is a great move. I have been making plans for my next holiday vacations with family and croatia was also in my list.

After reading your article i am pretty sure that this will gonna be my next destination. Thanks mate for helping me out about my next destination. I completely agree with everything in this guide. And then, Istria, of course. Pula is strongly connected with one certain type of music. In fact, it is popularly known as Pula Rock City. I am interested in visiting the Island of Pag where my Dad was born. I have had very little success in locating his brothers or sisters. They may have pasted by now. I feel i must have a relative still living there.

He died when I was 4 and so many papers had been lost. I really love the music and my Dad played the Tambuitza, a gord shaped instrument. Do you have any way of looking up his Family at the Town Hall? Great Article. Always a dream of mine to visit Croatia so these tips are awesome!! Thank you for sharing and happy ! Visiting ten sites is on my bucket list. Croatia is my dream place to visit.

It seems looks so beautiful and amazing place. There are so many places to visit and explore there. I always wanted to visit Croatia, this is my dream place to visit. After reading your amazing blog and find so many beautiful places to visit. Now, I desperately wanted to go there and explore heaven on earth. Thanks for sharing with us.

Oh my God! Everything looks very wild and super natural! What are we waiting for? I really enjoyed reading this! Croatia sounds like such an incredible country that I would absolutely love to explore. Seems like there are so many beautiful places and things to do! Croatia just blew my mind after reading your post, SJ! I have always thought Croatia was beautiful but I never expected it to be this lovely! Your post is truly a wonderful source of information as it is detailed and we can easily navigate to the sections.

Visiting to Croatia had always been on my bucket list.. Wow great post! Travelling is like creating memories and life. A perfect tour guide for Croatia. I think that this would be very helpful for those who are going for the first time as it was for me. It seems that Croatia offers its tourists with something really amazing in terms of traveling opportunities.

It really helps for planning vacation in Croatia. Reading this makes me keen to return to Croatia, which I have enjoyed visiting several times. I thought Istria and Zagreb were among the highlights of my visits. I hope to spend more time in national parks in future. Thanks for so informative review post. About the currency in your experiences, exchanging in banks and outside, which one is better in Croatia? Very good post about Croatia. Thank you Sarah. We have our eyes on Croatia for our next destination.

My wife and I returned from Croatia a few weeks ago. We did Dubrovnik-Split-Brac-Plitvice on a 4 days trip. Would appeciate your advice by email. Thanks heaps, Sue. Hi Sue, you can reach us here for travel advice. Nice write and thorough. I think my favorite spots in Croatia will also be Vis and Stari Grad, hands down. I am coming home to Croatia after being away for 15 years, your site has been so insightful and made planning a breeze. Thanks for your efforts Sara. I will need to make time for a trip there. Beautiful Croatia! I never thought Croatia have this beautiful places.

Thank you for sharing this! When is the best time to visit Croatia particularly to see Plitvice lakes? Thank you, excellent post! Saving this for future reference. Really informative blog post it helps to prepare us for the amazing things to do in Croatia before traveling. Great thanks. Uhm, yes please! I would love to do all those things on the list, especially Korcula Island. Looks like a very interesting place. Croatia is stunning and the people are very friendly, Sarah and Mate! Great tips for an unforgettable holiday there. I truely love Croatia and we traveled there from Germany last summer.

It was an unforgettable trip! Our favorite was the Plitvice National Park, which is for sure my favorite National Park in the world so far! Thank you for your great content! Best wishes, Ina. Hi, great Post..!! Thanks for the great ideas!! I just got back from a 10 day trip with my 3 somethings, what a great country! So, highlights for me: I hope your readers find this helpful. Coolest place EVER! Hundreds of people watching the sun go down over the water, wow -equally loved Trogir and Split, both are GREAT towns for an evening walk through the alleyways and souvenir shops, lots of history and atmosphere.

Gorgeous renovation, great service, nice breakfast, perfect location and parking. Get there early in summer as the crowds turn it into a circus around noon. We stayed all day! Stick to wonderful fish dishes, oven-baked pizzas and pastas, which are great and everywhere. Pack light! We found ourselves lugging luggage up endless steps all over.

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Also, rent a car! One more, be aware of the unexpected border crossing into Bosnia and out on the way south to Dubrovnik. What you guys think would be the cheapest city to stay in Croatia as a digital nomad above 50k inhabitants? This article is really helpful to me. I planned to trip next holiday on Croatia. Thanks for sharing. Hey there, I really Love your Blog you just describe things very real? We really love it there. Best Wishes from Germany. It keeps saying my date format is invalid…. What is the correct format? I have now subscribed to your newsletter. I always wanted to visit Croatia.

I have visited a lot of European and Asian countries. My father was born in the Czeck republic so in my youngest son and myself went to Olrichhov von Hajick to take his ashes. Croatia has been on my wishlist for many years. This was outstanding because also of the people who are so humble and poor. It really broke my heart. But I want to travel to Croatia in You say in your blog that September month is the best to travel. That for me is also September. O yes! I also went to Dubai in September on my way back. But not one of my friends can actually travel with me. I will have a look at yours and decide if I can afford to visit Croatia.

Keep up the good work! Kind regards. Croatia is an amazing country. Unfortunately it is not so famous. I moved to live here 1 year ago. I am glad with my choice. The nature is worth killing for. Do you have a suggestion for a travel agent in Croatia who can help us? Very informative site, thanks! Not sure if you do this, but could you suggest a 7 night route in September from Zagreb to Zagreb?

Would love to see Dubrovnik but it seems too far. Does this sound about right? Missing something amazing? Would appreciate any input on scheduling this. Thank you a lot for so awesome blog about Croatia. My friend and I are going to visit Croatia at the end of August and now I know where to read about this amazing country.

What a great rundown of things to do and see in Croatia. Definitely worth saving, as you know Croatia is my summer destination! Thanks for this list! This list helps me to plan my trip for this summer. I love almost every place on Adriatic coast in Croatia. Nature is so beautiful and those little islands just amazing. The best city for my vacation is Makarska. You really make it feel like there is no other place to be.

Planning a trip for and cant wait. Totally loved this post! We are so in love with Croatia! And if we were to retire and stay in any city in the world…it would be Zadar! Ohh I need to go to Croatia again… there are still so many things I need to do. Good day! Your blog shows off so many wonderful places from my homeland and we love looking at it for idea. Appreciate it! We are planning a trip and i have so many new places to think about going now. So glad to help Netty. If you need help putting all of the places into an itinerary, just shout out. Thank you very much for this very informative blog you have about Croatia.

We are a party of 3 adults and will staying in Split for only 5 days. Will definitely go to Diocletian Palace as suggested and also the old town. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Sorry I missed this — we took a blogging break. You can do either — depends how fluid your itinerary is.

This is a large selection of things to do and now i think that our 1 week vacation wont be enuf time. Wish we had more time. We are looking to for tips for , we will be sure to add many of these to our list now thanks. You are very welcome. The national parks look gorgeous! I never considered going to Croatia before, but after these pics…most definitely!!!

Added to my list and thanks for the fun info on what to see! So much to do, Croatia always seemed so magnificent.

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Hurry up Delta!! What are they waiting for?? Hey Angelica! I flew from Croatia to NY and back with Delta just recently so…pack your bags! Of course, there are Paris, Frankfurt, Muenchen, Amsterdam for short connecting flights but miles still work! Great list of things to do in Croatia! Will definitely bookmark this, and hopefully we will be heading to Croatia some day soon! Seeing this post just highlights why we need to visit Croatia. It has been on our list for so long but for some reason it keeps getting replaced with other destinations. Time to change that I feel. I know how you feel, I do that with big places like London.

I went to Croatia years and years ago, but you have sold it brilliantly here. Those views are absolutely fantastic and I definitely fancy the fresh fish restaurant! What a lovely place you live in, I am now seeing how easy it is to fall in love with Croatia, I am enjoying your site, thank you. Loved this — some great information and easy to digest. Loved your photos. Thank you! The more I read of your blog, the more I want to visit Croatia! All the photos you post are amazing. The beaches and national parks sound incredible! There are so many things to do in Croatia! I had no idea. I need to make sure that I add it to my Euro-Trip 3 list!

I had no idea how beautiful Croatia really is. I especially want to try the beef dish you mentioned.

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Can someone recommend? If I have a week where is better to go? And does it worth to make the 3 places in 1 trip? I want something with the charm of Rovinj, but also with great turquoise and sandy beaches…. The Museum of Broken Dreams, while unique and interesting, is slightly over-rated as a must see venue.

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You think? What would you suggest is a must-see? The museum of broken relationships? It seems so beautiful and yet affordable. The National Parks are impressive and I would definitely do some hiking there. I just love all the variety of things to do and the gorgeous landscape. I loved Croatia especially Zadar but Plitvice was awesome and Dubrovnik made it all worthwhile.

If it was warmer in winter I would spend three moths there. Very safe country and very nice people. This is all spectacular.

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  • It seems clear that our Southern neighbors have awful lot of amazing places to visit,and I have been to only a bunch of them. I will definitely look up this post the next time I plan travelling there! Croatia is such a diverse and interesting countries — especially as you move from region to region! Safe travels! Can I recommend venturing further north in Croatia, and visiting some of the beautiful castles and wine cellars in Hrvatsko Zagorje?

    Also a trip to Kras, the chocolate factory is a must! We loved every minute of our time there and did a lot of the things you mention.. We definitely need to get to some of these locations. First of all, congratulations on your nomination for a Bloggie Award! On the above list, Istria and Zagreb appeals to me the most whereas I think my kids would chose one of the National Parks.

    I agree that people only see Zagreb in transit are missing out on a lovely experience. The parks and low-key cafes were really enjoyable when I was there several summers ago. We visited Croatia last summer on a road trip from southern France taking in Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia Herzogovina. It was amazing and yet I feel we only touched the surface.

    Zadar is definitely on the wish list for next time as are more of the islands and Zagreb. You are lucky living close to all this wonderous stuff! So many things to do! Great list of things to do! Just had a bit difficulty with describing Istria under Northern Croatia. We, locals, always consider area north of Zagreb, as Northern Croatia, and Istria we think more of as Western Croatia. Thanks Vera for the clarification. My point of the piece was to try something NEW. North, West, just experience more than Dubrovnik and Split which everyone knows is in the South. Great post with so many diverse things to do.

    You know you just keep selling Croatia to me. I wish I was going sometime soon like this year. Every post just keeps inspiring me and it looks absolutely beautiful. Perhaps, you can make plans for summer ? Or you could come later in the year after Summer, when things slow down and its less crowded. We have never been to Croatia, and among our friends only one couple has made it there.

    I would love to visit the beautiful beaches and national parks, and of course try Croatian cuisine. How marvelously refreshing to read a travel blog on the very wonderful Croatia where Dubrovnik only gets a passing mention. Beautiful though it undoubtedly is, I do feel it and Hvar island take all the plaudits — whereas the entire country is a magical experience of sights, sounds smells and tastes. I am so glad you appreciated that Jon. Everyone already knows how amazing both of those places are — so why not share the rest of the lovley country.

    Hello, great to visit you, we are living parallel lives, sort of. Now then, I have never been to Croatia which is just silly… your photos are luscious and make me want to jump on a plane. My sister sailed her boat there for weeks and weeks a couple of years ago and Sydney pals visit often: on the list!! So great to hear from a fellow FIFO wife! They should swap jobs, Kurdistan is close to us! Perhaps you should meet hubby in Croatia on one of his swings home? What a fantastic post.

    Croatia sounds like such an awesome place to go with far more to see and do than what I realised. Now to start saving!! Diving into the Adriatic from a sailboat is simply divine, I have no other word for it. So is climbing cliffs straight from the sea and just falling back down into the warm clear water.

    Nice article and well explained about Croatia. I am planning to visit Croatia in mid of April with my family. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


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