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They worked for me, but each person is different. Pick and choose the ones that will work best for you, and give them a try. One at a time. This is the simplest and best way to start reducing your stress, and you can start today. Right now. Focus as much as possible on doing one thing at a time. Clear your desk of distractions. Pick something to work on. Need to write a report? Do only that. Simplify your schedule. A hectic schedule is a major cause of high stress. Simplify by reducing the number of commitments in your life to just the essential ones. Schedule only a few important things each day, and put space between them.

Leave room for down time and fun.

9 Simple Tips to Make Living Away From Home Way Less Scary

Get moving. Do something each day to be active — walk, hike, play a sport, go for a run, do yoga. Just move. Have fun doing it. Develop one healthy habit this month. Other than getting active, improving your health overall will help with the stress. But do it one habit at a time. Eat fruits and veggies for snacks.

Scroll back up and watch the TED Talk. My writing will stay right where it is, and McGonigal reveals something more important than anything I have to say. I can wait. I promise.

A Simple Guide to Stress-Free Living

If you shift your mindset to see stress as a helpful force—your body gearing up to seize the day—then stress no longer harms your health. I love how she explains it:. And when you view stress in that way, your body believes you, and your stress response becomes healthier. Think of stress like food. Too much stress will put metaphorical weight on your shoulders, and too much food will put literal weight on your body. In the same way you need the right kinds of food to stay healthy and feel good, you need the right approach to stress: be friends with it.

Stress, then, is a neutral force. You can use it for good or bad, productivity or pain. What McGonigal talks about has to do with the two kinds of stress yes, there are tow kinds : eustress and distress. Eustress the good kind—think euphoria builds us up, boosting our performance to bring us to the optimal zone of stress. But when distress hits, you topple and tumble forward down the line to the right side of the graph—into a land of high stress and low performance.

Use them to get to optimal stress. Stress is a gift. It gears you up for the challenges of life. I hope you found this post helpful! I aimed to get you up to speed and give you loads of research on some of the best ways that you can deal with stress to improve your life and be more successful:. If you found the post helpful, then it would be awesome if you shared it. That way, your friends can see the same evidence-based advice for finally dealing with stress. About Andrew Urevig.

Andrew is a freelance writer for hire , and works as a regular contributor for Foundr Magazine. Great info! I love the x10 value concept on pricing structure. It would be great to hear more info on this. Woodstock the therapy chicken…. Thanks so much Andrew for this post! Great post, will share it with friends x.

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Heart disease. Sleeping problems.

A Simple Guide to Stress-Free Living

Weight gain. Memory impairment. How Does Stress Happen Feel free to jump down to point 1 below if you want to get right to the actionable advice. This is fantastic. How To Deal With Stress? Strike a Power Pose Power pose — does that sound silly? Here are the poses they used: The study looked at a few cool things, but I want to focus on the bits relevant to stress.

The result? High-power poses meant less cortisol, and thus less stress: You only have to hold the pose for a minute or two. Read the study itself. This article from the Wall Street Journal investigates some other pros of power posing. Get Perspective and Look at the Big Picture I know this one is a cliche—look at the big picture and let your stress wash away—but I want to take a closer look.

Thinking about what you value is one practical way to see the big picture. Then pull back the camera to see an ever-bigger view: the whole room, the whole building, the whole street, the whole city, the whole country, the whole planet, the moon and Earth, our solar system, even the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Perspective of Time: When stressed, close your eyes and fast-forward in time, in ever-bigger increments, to see how little harm this supposed stress will cause you in the long term.

Laugh When stress claws at me, I sometimes have to chuckle. The people who watched the comedy video were less stressed. Researchers at the State University of New York told 80 participants to watch a stressful silent film the video showcased three nasty sawmill accidents, so it was no Sunday picnic. They also had the participants narrate the film: half were supposed to deliver a serious monologue, while half were told to say humorous stuff.

Those told to be funny were less tense afterward. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences reports that study participants who watched a comedy video has lower levels of the stress hormones ACTH and cortisol than a control group. Humor that helps you put things in perspective helps you recover from stress, according to a pair of studies published in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. A little study out of Miami University interviewed women confronting the challenge of caring for both young children and chronically ill parents.

So go ahead. Laugh your way to a low-stress life, starting with this bit from Louis CK: 4. One school has a fluffy chicken with its own Twitter account : How could you possibly feel stressed after palling around with Woodstock the Therapy Chicken? You can start with my new Internet pal, Flex the Yorkie. The video is just 30 seconds: 5.

Meditate Mindfulness meditation can quell your qualms. I recommend starting with this five-minute breathing meditation. Seriously, why not try it right now? App: Headspace , an app for iOS and Android, guides you through meditations. Article: The Mayo Clinic has a quick list of mindfulness exercises. Module: The University of Minnesota offers a free mini-course on meditation. This is great if you have a little more time to spend learning and practicing. Smile Simply smiling helps stress simmer down. If I wait for other people to invite me to things, I may find my week full of high-priced commitments, even though we would all likely enjoy simpler things if we planned to do them.

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  6. Now I take the initiative to suggest cheap, fun activities. I still splurge sometimes, but I aim to enjoy simple things as much as I possibly can. I used to volunteer behind the desk at a yoga studio for a few hours each week in exchange for free classes. Recently, I decided to offer barter advertising on this site—meaning I may soon feature companies who pay in trade, such as an organic produce delivery service. You could also advertise your services on Craigslist and list things that you need in exchange—I.

    Several years back, I spent a ton of time on eBay, feeling a thrill when I found an item for far less than it should cost in stores. I eventually recognized that I was shopping to fill a void in myself. Luckily I did this with discount items. It may be a sense of loneliness, or purposelessness, or discontent. You can be generous without having to overextend yourself financially. In fact, more often than not, thoughtful gestures make a much larger impact.

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