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Go back inside. Now go through the barrier as the boy, take the cart and move it towards the girl. As the girl, walk inside the cart and transport it as the boy inside. Keep moving until you reach the building with the poster informing about no entry for people with red color. Wait for the guard to turn away, leave the hideout as the girl and enter the passage. Then, let the pair climb on the hanging platform.

Shoot the red button with the slingshot. Keep moving left until you reach another platform.

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Let the pair use it to ride down. Transport the pipe on the platform, ride up and move with the pipe to the left.

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As the boy, enter the pipe. Now use the slingshot to shoot the button next to the boy on the hanging platform.

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As the boy, climb on the platform, take the pickaxe and ride down by using the same platform. Keep moving to the right and destroy the wooden beams. Go down as the girl by using the platform. You should see a cart on the ground on the left - the girl should enter it.

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Ride with the cart on the platform. Ride up, then to the left, and then use the platform again. Go to the left. Jump over the obstacle as the boy. When the guard walks away, leave the hideout as the girl and repeat the same action you did previously as the boy. Go left and enter the building with open door. Speak with the man inside. Go to the left until you see as the officer is scanned and taken to the plane.

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Now you must create a disguise. Go back to the place where you encountered a man at the entrance to the ship. Go upstairs and then find the ladder that leads to the roof. You will find a memory there. Go back to the place depicted in the picture below, and then climb up the stairs. Go to the left until you encounter a sword in a rock. Pull it out as the boy and the girl.

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Keep going to the left and then upstairs. On the right side you will find an officer's jacket. Take the jacket and go back to the place shown in the above picture. Then go to the left, to the giant robot. Cut off his nose.

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Go to the screen and hang the nose and the jacket. Go back to the place where you found the jacket and go to the right.